Informatieve film “Loeke Pam keramiste”

Loeke Pam (Amsterdam 1956) is a Dutch ceramic artist. Raised in France and the Netherlands where she attended a drawing academy in Paris (France), a ceramic formation in the city of Gouda (Netherlands) and a teacher training in ceramics and drawing in Amsterdam. She currently lives and works in the Netherlands.

Corals, tropical sea fishes: a colorful underwater wildlife, mysteriously tingling and prickling our fantasy.
Loeke Pam’s work is inspired by this often unfamiliar world which is so linked to us and without which we cannot survive.
The pieces are organically formed. She uses different clays and explores the boundaries of the firing temperatures while combining materials such as pigments, glazes, oxides, pieces of glass, rusty iron, waste glazes and hydro grains.
Slowly, life grows even inside. Are we looking at fossils, sea vegetation, living marine organisms or will we ever discover such a new nature when traveling through space? Only you will have your answer…